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Welcome! On this page, we'll walk though TV history with the help of hundreds of new pictures of cameras and studios, and more...

The photos you will see in The Gallery are not duplicated in the Camera sections of the site, but there are well over two hundred new images that have been added there in the RCA, Norelco, GE, Marconi and Dumont camera sections, so be sure and take a new look!

In addition to this new section, we also have two other new sections...The Archives and The Library.

The Viewseum and Collections pages have also been updated and there is a lot of great new material to see there as well.

FYI, The Ellerbee Classic Camera Census, which is the only count of classic cameras in existence, and tells where these 300 or so artifacts are now, has been moved to the Archives.

Below are over twenty new articles I've written that touch on a lot of aspects of Television as it was then and is now, but the one thing they all have in common is lots of unique pictures. There are several large photo albums from historic TV stations, program histories and the visits with and to some very interesting people and broadcast centers. There's also a primer on today's state of the art cameras, a secret RCA back-story, one that will have you not believing your own eyes, and more. I hope you enjoy!

Bobby Ellerbee

STATE OF THE ART: A Must Read Primer on the Latest Innovations
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Please read this first. I've put this story at the top because it will prepare you for some of the things you will see below, and, tonight on TV.

In The Studios: On The Sidelines: The Lenses: 3D Television: These 4 chapters cover the latest from Sony, Ikegami, Canon and Chapman with exclusive images direct from The Tonight Show, Conan, ESPN, CBS Sports and more.

THE TONIGHT SHOW: 56 Years of Television and Camera History
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A look back at 56 years of the cameras that brought us everyone from Allen, Parr and Carson to Leno, O'Brien and Leno. It's all about the show, the personalities and the cameras that have brought so much fun for so long.

From the RCA TK10s, TK11s, TK41s, TK44s, TK47s to the Sony HD 1000s and Sony HD 1500s and 1550s, you'll see them all in a unique presentation of advancements.

CONAN: An Exclusive First Look at the New Show on TBS
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This is an exclusive first look behind the scenes at the new Conan O'Brien Show on TBS.

Thanks to cameraman Bruce Oldham, you get to see the cameras, sets and prop innovations on Conan's new show from Stage 15 of the Warner Brothers Studios.

WKY-TV: First in Local Live Color
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This is a massive photo album with over 100 images that tell a unique story stretching from 1949 till today. WKY had the first TK40s delivered to a local station and both cameras are still with us and I've got the story on where and how they were saved.

WGAL-TV: Sixty + Years of Television History in Pictures
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This is another massive photo album with a story that shows you how a "little" TV station in Pennsylvania became a legend and market leader.

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This is the same spectacular photo gallery we have had the privilege of displaying for several years on our Studios and Facilities page. That page is gone now, but all the historic photos from Dennis are here for you to see via our link with his Flicker site.

THREE GENERATIONS IN TV: The Merklein Family Story.
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James, Frank, Joan, Jay and Howdy Doody. You'll love this story about Frank and his family of TV pioneers and I do mean pioneers! First hand TV history from the Colonial Theatre, early color and the NTSC, through Howdy Doody, The Today Show and beyond.

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Do you know who produced these debates? Clue: 60 Minutes.

Some interesting stories, carrier making moves and innovations from that historical series of debates that changed TV and politics forever.

WCNY-TV: A very special Marconi Mark IV story
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I can't tell you more or it would spoil the big surprise.

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Did you ever make or draw a camera? Take a look.

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I would love to see your face as you open this! What you see at first is not what you think you are seeing. Slowly it will dawn on you what is so special about these RCA TK11 cameras and why Jim Wickey is such a genius.

WDAF-TV: Kansas City TV Album
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Here are about a dozen really good photos from a station that's 60+ now!

TODAY and Yesterday: The Today Show and Dennis Degan
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Here are a few photos of the Today set and a good story about my friend Dennis Degan's visit with my cameras!

Wheel Of Fortune:
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On the set with LORA at SONY

This is history, in more than one way!

WSB-TV ATLANTA: The Early Years
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Here are about 16 images from Georgia's first TV station showing their RCA TK30s at work from the late forties till the early sixties. Their next cameras were the RCA TK60s and then the TK42s. WSB has been on the air over 60 years and is a favorite of mine as I grew up watching it, but it amazes me how few photos there are to document those years. Unfortunately, this is a common story with many legendary broadcasters.

WAGA-TV ATLANTA: The Early Years
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This was Atlanta's second TV station and was a CBS affiliate till the late 80s. WAGA had the TK10s, and later TK11s but never had TK60s. They bought Norelcos in 1966 or so. Like WSB, there are virtually no photo archives left, but here's all that I know of. They are now a FOX affiliate and were part of the mass change that came to Atlanta 20 or so years ago when all the stations switched networks. WXIA was ABC, now NBC. WSB was NBC, now ABC. WAGA was CBS, now FOX. A station that was an independent became the CBS affiliate.

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A history of the show, the building and special, iconic images from one of America's most historic programs that show you the stage, control room and a mix of RCA TK30 and TK31 cameras on the set.

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Thanks to a 1959 RCA Broadcast News feature, we get to go back in time to a baseball game day in Cincinnati, Ohio as WLW TV's crew breaks down the TK41 studio configuration, uses some custom made moving gear and takes us to the ball park.

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Louisville's WAVE TV's TK41s are featured in a 1963 RCA Broadcast News article. I have a soft spot for WAVE because that's where my TK11 came from. Enjoy the pictures.

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Secrets, disappointment and egos all played a part in the stealth development of the TK44. It's a very interesting story and I've pieced together the events that surround an ''off the books' engineering program that was born when the TK42 was in big trouble. The Norelco PC60 had arrived and there was panic in Camden.

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Hollywood's top ''prop' house is an amazing site to see, especially their camera section. For your pleasure, here are nearly fifty images from over 100 sent to me by our friend John Bolin who recently got a grand tour from owner Jim Elyea.

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Although there are close to 100 images on this site taken AT Television City, I thought it would be nice if we could go IN to that hallowed structure. The only way I know how is to introduce you to a web site that does the best job I've seen at showing us around, so come on in!

Saturday Night Live Crane and Studio 8H: Up Close and Personal
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See the classic Chapman Electra crane like you never have seen it detail! As a resident of NBC's famous Studio 8H for 40 years, this crane and this studio have seen real television history and we'll take a good look at both.

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